Objectives & Sequence: This lesson is intended to be used as a review of Grammar 1-2.

Students work with a partner. Together, students should discuss answers to the questions below. The questions are written so that the answers should be in the form of a negative sentence. This then sets up a negative question to be asked by one partner to the other.

What is something you didn't learn when you were a student?

I didn't learn how to navigate via topographical landmarks.

Why didn't you learn how to navigate?

I don't know. I guess I was too afraid.

I didn't learn how to control aircraft.

Why didn't you learn how to control aircraft?

Because I didn't have training as an Air Traffic Controller.

  1. What is a kind of aircraft you have never flown in?
  2. What is something haven't done in an aircraft?
  3. Who is someone you don't want to see again?
  4. What is something you can't do?
  5. What is a place you don't want to visit?
  6. Who is someone you wouldn't like to fly with?
  7. What is something you shouldn't do too much?
  8. What is something you want but can't buy?
  9. What is a place you shouldn't go to?
  10. What is an aviation subject you didn't enjoy learning?
  11. What is an aviation job you don't want to do?
  12. What is something you have to do but don't want to do when flying?