Word Part of Speech Example
air regulations Noun The pilot filed his flight plan according to air regulations.
aircraft / airplane Noun The pilot walked around his aircraft before departing.
Aircraft weight & balance Phrase The aircraft crew chief did a quick check on weight and balance.
airfield Noun The pilot used the grass airfield for landing.
airport Noun The flight departed Dallas airport.
airways Noun The students were studying the airway map in the classroom.
altitude Noun We are flying at an altitude of 7000 feet (2100 meters).
approach Noun The aircraft was on the last leg of his flight, final approach.
Area Control Centre (ACC) Phrase The pilot talked to the Air Traffic Control Centre on departure.
arrival Noun There are numerous arrivals at the airport.
aviation Noun There are many components to the aviation industry.
chart Noun The pilot is following his aviation charts.
clearance delivery Noun Clearance delivery issued a clearance to the aircraft.
cockpit Noun The first officer was sitting in the cockpit.
communication Noun Clear communication between the pilot and controller for flight safety.
control tower Noun The control tower is located at the centre of the airport.
cycle landing gear Phrase The pilot cycled his landing gear up and down before landing.
depart Verb The aircraft was departing runway 05.
departure Noun The departure controller is working four aircraft.
discretion Noun The pilot was given a descent to 5000 feet at his discretion.
executive jet Noun Movie stars have their own executive jets.
flight Noun The aircraft was on a non-stop flight to Vancouver.
flight crew Noun The flight crew included the pilot, first officer and three flight attendants.
flight level (FL) Noun The controller assigned an aircraft flight level two eight zero. (FL280)
flight safety Noun Flight safety is the number one priority throughout the aviation community.
flight school Noun I am thinking about going to flight school.
flight surgeon Noun He is always late for class because he's lazy.
fly Verb Today we are flying above cloud.
frequency Noun The aircraft was instructed to call tower frequency.
fuel Noun The pilot had to fuel his own aircraft.
GPS computer Noun The aircraft has a GPS computer installed.
grass parking Noun The airfield only has grass parking available.
ground control Noun The ground controller cleared the aircraft to runway 01.
hangar Noun The aircraft was towed to the maintenance hangar.
headset Noun All the controllers were wearing headsets.
instrument endorsement Noun The pilot was studying for his instrument endorsement.
maintain verb The pilot maintains his altitude.
navigate verb The pilot navigated his way through the mountains.
navigational aids (NAVAID) Noun Aircraft can navigate utilizing electronic ground based navigational aids.
Notice to airmen (NOTAM) Phrase Pilots and controllers read the daily notice to airmen prior to starting work.
phraseology Noun Pilots and controllers use standard International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) phraseology when communicating with each other.
pilot Noun The pilot and first officer went through their landing checklist.
pushback Noun With the Boeing 747, they needed a larger vehicle for pushback.
radar contact Noun When an aircraft is radar identified the controller will advise the pilot that he/she has radar contact.
radar line of sight Phrase Radar uses line of sight and cannot see the other side of the mountains.
runway Noun Runway 36 is the active runway today.
runway inspection Noun The runway inspection is done daily.
runway lights Noun Field lighting was checking the runway lights.
taxiway Noun Taxiway Alpha is closed for maintenance.
terrain Noun The airport is located in mountainous terrain.
transmit Verb Controllers transmit to aircraft via very high frequency (VHF) radio.
weather briefing Noun Pilots receive a weather briefing prior to departing an airport.
weather forecast Noun The weather forecast is predicting localized thunderstorms.


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