Supporting Sentences

Supporting sentences in a paragraph give information in order to explain, describe, and develop the main idea in the topic sentence.

The examples below are meant to support the following topic sentence:

Supporting sentences...



Give an example


It is important that all your supporting sentences are connected to the main idea and that you do not get off topic. For example, here are some supporting sentences that should not be used to support the topic sentence above:

These sentences do not support the main idea in the topic sentence. Therefore, they should not be included in the paragraph.


The final sentence of the paragraph often reminds the reader about the topic and main idea of the paragraph. It describes the main idea one more time, but with different words.

Topic Sentence Concluding Sentence
My father taught me the importance of saving money. As you can see, money is very important for my dreams so I am thankful my father showed me how to save.

The concluding sentence sometimes begins with:


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