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Word Part of Speech Example
ache Noun, Verb My body had lots of aches after the car accident.
pain Noun I have a lot of pain in my neck.
backache Noun My bed gives me backaches.
headache Noun Turn down the music because I have a headache.
stomach ache Noun Your fast driving gives me a stomachache.
injury Noun Did she have any injuries after the wreck?
scar Noun The cut left a scar under my eye.
physical activity Noun Physical activity is important for health.
effect Noun The driver's headache was an effect of the accident.
stress Noun, Verb It really stresses me out not to have a car right now.
fitness Noun His level of fitness is very good. This means he is in good shape.
accident Noun There was a car accident outside my apartment.
exercise Noun, Verb Exercise makes me tired.
hurt Verb My back hurts.
reduce Verb This medicine will reduce the pain.
wrap Verb She was wrapping her motorcycle's exhaust pipes with heat tape.
affect Verb A person's level of physical activity can really affect their stress levels.
active Adjective An active lifestyle will improve health.
lazy Adjective He is always late for class because he's lazy.
poor Adjective They are really poor drivers. They always get in accidents.
be in shape Phrase My car's engine is in good shape. I'm ready to race!
be out of shape Phrase That fender is really out of shape after the accident.
put on Phrasal Verb Have you put on your seat belt yet?
crash / wreck Noun, Verb There was a car crash / wreck outside my apartment.
bicycle / cycle Verb I cycle to work when the weather is nice.
quite Adverb My allergies are quite bad this year.
radiator Noun The radiator keeps the engine cool.
feature Noun This car has a lot of safety features.
airbags Noun Did the airbags go off?
seat belt Noun She forgot to wear a seat belt.
tire Noun She changed both of the tires in only 20 minutes!
temperature Noun What is the engine temperature?
thermostat Noun Check your thermostat!  Your radiator is leaking!
etiquette Noun Some countries have different driving etiquette.
road Noun Roads usually connect towns and can be made of dirt or pavement.
street Noun Streets are paved and are in cities.
highway Noun Highways connect cities that are far apart.
trouble Noun If you break the law, you will get in trouble.
driver's license Noun You must have a driver's license to drive legally.
speed Noun, Verb What speed are you going?
speed limit Noun What is the speed limit on this highway?
ticket Noun, Verb I finally paid my speeding ticket yesterday.
warning Noun Before you get in trouble, you get a warning.
traffic Noun The traffic is terrible in Mexico City this time of the day.
pedestrians Noun Drivers must yield to pedestrians in this city. It's the law.
safety Noun "Safety first," they always say.
rule Noun Wearing your seat belt is a rule in my car. It's also the law.
law Noun Is talking on your cellphone while driving against the law here?
car insurance Noun You must have car insurance in many countries.
follow Verb I follow all the traffic laws when I drive.
fit Verb Does the socket fit the bolt?
brake Verb, Noun If you brake too quickly, the tires will make a loud noise.
break Verb If you break the law, you could get hurt or get a ticket.
prevent Verb You can prevent accidents by not speeding.
yield Verb Drivers must yield to pedestrians in this city. It's the law.
cancel Verb We didn't want to take that trip, so we cancelled it.
important Adjective Seat belts are really important in saving lives.

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