Intro Student One Student Two

Teacher Notes

Objectives & Sequence: This lesson is intended to be used as a review of Grammar - Be.

The following vocabulary words are used in this activity:

Students work in pairs. Each student opens his or her respective tab.

On each page, there are eight sentences. One at a time, students read these sentences to their partner. Partners must think of a question which can be answered with the sentence.

Suggested answers are provided for students to use to help their partner.


On Student One's tab:

1. It's three o'clock.

It's three o'clock.

What time is it?


When the activity is finished, ask students to make up their own examples about themselves.

  1. It's Charlie's hat.
    • Whose hat is this / that?
  2. Tokyo is in Japan.
    • Where is Tokyo?
  3. He is my teacher.
    • Who is he?
  4. I'm great, thank you.
    • How are you?
  5. My birthday is on July 2nd.
    • When is your birthday?
  6. My favourite colour is red.
    • What is your favourite colour?
  7. Her name is Andrea.
    • What is her name?
  8. John's in the bathroom.
    • Where is John?
  1. San Francisco is in California.
    • Where is San Francisco?
  2. The shirt's $20.
    • How much is the shirt?
  3. My parents are doing well, thanks.
    • How are your parents?
  4. The glasses are not mine. Maybe they're Jeff's.
    • Whose glasses are these?
  5. Brenda is my wife.
    • Who is Brenda?
  6. I'm from Lyon in France.
    • Where are you from?
  7. It's Shelly's bicycle.
    • Whose bicycle is that?
  8. Halloween is on October 31st.
    • When is Halloween?