Vocabulary List

  Word Part of Speech Example
active Adjective Active people like to move.
age Noun My age is 22 years old.
app Noun Do you have this app on your phone?
art Noun I love all kinds of art.
artist Noun My wife is an artist. She paints beautiful pictures.
belong to Phrasal Verb This is not mine. I think it belongs to Jane.
broken Adjective I need a new computer. Mine is broken.
children Noun There are many children playing in the park.
company Noun Apple is a computer company.
cook Noun, Verb She is cooking dinner.
definitely Adverb I will definitely do my homework.
enjoy Verb Do you enjoy soccer?
everyone Pronoun Everyone in my class likes the teacher.
everywhere Pronoun Everywhere in Canada is cold in winter.
excellent Adjective I really enjoyed the movie. It was excellent!
exercise Noun, Verb He is fat because he never does any exercise.
farm Noun The farm has many cows, horses, and chickens.
friendly Adjective I like her because she is so friendly.
glasses Noun I can't see because my glasses are dirty.
greeting Noun The most popular greeting in English is saying "hello".
guitar Noun I can't play the piano, but I can play the guitar.
hear Verb Did you hear that sound?
hug Verb I hugged her because she is my friend.
interested Adjective I'm interested in English music.
instrument Noun The piano and guitar are examples of instruments.
keyboard Noun The keyboard for this computer is very nice.
motorcycle Noun I love to ride my motorcycle.
nervous Adjective I always feel nervous when I speak to her.
owner Noun Sam is the owner of the car.
paint Noun, Verb The children are painting with their fingers.
parent Noun Both of my parents speak English very well.
party Noun Let's go to a party tonight!
people Noun Many people live in this city.
person Noun Janice is a really nice person.
place Noun The library is a good place for studying.
plan Noun, Verb Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
popular Adjective This movie is not popular in my country.
possession Noun He was in trouble for possession of a knife.
pretty Adverb I'm pretty hungry.
professional Noun, Adjective I want to be a professional soccer player.
remember Verb I'm sorry. I don't remember your name.
restaurant Noun All of the food at this restaurant is delicious.
ride Verb I don't know how to ride a bicycle.
roommate Noun There are three people living in my apartment. I have two roommates.
Noun This car can go from 0 to 60 km per hour in six seconds.
shake Verb In my country, people always shake hands when they meet.
show Verb I want to show you my new computer!
shy Adjective Don't be shy. Say something!
someday Adverb My boyfriend and I will have a baby someday.
someone Pronoun Someone is at the door. Let's see who it is.
thing Noun My bag is heavy because there are many things in it.
town Noun I live in a small town.
university Noun When I finish high school, I want to go to university.
usually Adverb I usually drive slowly.
video game Noun I love to play video games with my friends.
well Adverb I can't speak Spanish very well.
without Preposition I don't want to live without the Internet.
welcome Verb Welcome to my city!