man and woman meeting

A: Hi! I'm Charles!

B: Hi, Charles! I'm Wendy. It's nice to meet you!

A: Nice to meet you too!


Pronouns are special words we use in place of names:

  • Leslie is my uncle. Leslie is a farmer.
    • Leslie is my uncle. He is a farmer.
  • This is Jack. I work with Jack.
    • This is Jack. I work with him.

In Grammar 1-1, we will study three kinds of pronouns:

Subject Pronouns

The subject usually comes before the verb of a sentence. Sometimes, the subject is more than one word:

These are the main subject pronouns in English:

I am a student.

You are smart!

He is my friend.

We are late.

It & They

We use it to talk about one thing or animal. It is not used to talk about people:

It is beautiful!

It is so fast.

We also use it to talk about the time and temperature:

It's a beautiful day!

It's snowing!

It's 12:30 PM.

They is used to talk about more than one thing or animal. They can also be used to talk about people:

Look at the strawberries. They are so red!

Birds are in the sky. They are flying.

This is Joan and Paul. They are my parents.

Many people are at the game. They are excited.

Object Pronouns

The object of a sentence comes after the verb. Like subjects, sometimes objects are more than one word:

The main object pronouns in English are as follows:

Notice the difference between subject and object pronouns:

Subject Pronouns Object Pronouns
I me
you you
he him
she her
it it
we us
they them

I love you, and you love me.

He is looking at her, and she is looking at him.

We help them, and they help us.

Object pronouns are also used after prepositions (words like "for", "with", "about", etc.):

This & That

This and that are both subject and object pronouns. This refers to a thing close to the speaker. That refers to a thing far away.

This is my mother.

I love this!

That is a nice car.

What is that?

This and that have a singular meaning. The plural form of this is these, and those is the plural form for that:

This is delicious!

  • These are delicious!

That is my friend.

  • Those are my friends.

This / these and that / those can be used with or without nouns:

This is delicious.


This coffee is delicious.

These are ready to eat.


These vegetables are ready to eat.

That is my girlfriend.


That person is my girlfriend.

What are those?


What are those things?


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