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Play Me, I'm Yours

Dudleys was ninety-two, in his second life...

Play Me, I'm Yours was an idea from Luke Jerram. He is a British artist. He wanted to help make a community by putting pianos out in the streets.

He thought of the idea one when he was washing his clothes at a laundry place in his community. He noticed that no one wanted to talk to each other! It gave him the idea of leaving pianos out on the streets to get people to talk to each other.

Luke Jerram painted fifteen pianos. He put them around the city of Birmingham, England, in 2008. He left them out for three weeks to see what would happen.

Well, he must have been surprised to know that more than 140,000 people played or listened to music from his pianos!

All around the world, people heard about this project. Play Me, I'm Yours has helped many pianists in the world who love music but don't have a piano to perform on. Even people who don't play the piano can listen and enjoy the music!

Play Me, I'm Yours has reached almost five million people around the world! Now, many cities around the world have their own piano projects. You might even see one in your own community!

If you saw one of these pianos...would you play, too?

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