For many people, music is just for fun. People use music for singing, dancing, and sometimes relaxing. But did you know that music can also help people?

Music can be very powerful. It can make us feel better. Music therapy means using music to help people be healthy or to get better if they are sick

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There are some doctors who use music to help heal people. They are called music therapists.

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Music therapy can help people with problems in their brain. People who have Alzheimer's disease often have trouble remembering things. Sometimes they can even forget their names and families. This can be very sad. Music can help wake up the part of the brain that helps people remember.

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One person who really knows about music therapy is Gabby Giffords. In 2011, Gabby's head was injured. Her brain was so hurt that she could not speak any more. But after listening to music for many months, Gabby Giffords learned how to speak again.

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Music can also help us in smaller ways. Scientists tell us that music can make us feel happier when we are sad. Playing a musical instrument also helps us learn better at other things!

Scientists also tell us that listening to music is good for children's brains. So find some songs and listen -it will make you smarter!

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