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How many musical instruments do you know? Maybe you know four, or five, or even 50. But there are many instruments that you have probably never heard of! Here are some strange and wonderful instruments that not many people in the world can play.


This instrument looks more like a robot! It is called a theremin. The theremin uses two antennae to know what sounds to make.

The most interesting thing about the theremin is that the musician never touches the instrument! Imagine playing an instrument where your fingers never touch it. Strange!


Does this look like an instrument to you? It is called a hydraulophone. Some people call it an 'H20rgan' because H20 means water and the instrument is a bit like an organ.

The hydraulophone makes music when the musician lets water through the holes on top.

It works just like a flute, except it uses water instead of air.

Glass Armonica

This is another strange instrument. It is called the glass armonica. To play this, a musician first has to dip his or her finger into water.

Have you ever tried making music with a drinking glass?

The glass armonica works the same way. The armonica has different widths to control what sound each part makes.


Can this be a musical instrument too? Yes!

Some people play the musical saw. They have to be careful, though. A musical saw is still pretty sharp and can be dangerous!

These musicians use a bow, just like violin players would use.

If you look around, you will find that there are many strange instruments in the world! They might look strange, but they are so much fun to play!

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