Do you love music? Do you have a favourite musician? Every year, there are many award shows around the world where the most talented and most popular musical artists get awards for their work.

Look how many this artist, Adele, won!

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Now it is your turn to give an award to your favourite artist. Many awards have categories, like 'Best New Artist' or 'Best Hip Hop Artist' or 'Best Music Video.' Choose your favourite artist and give them an award! Then, write a little bit about that artist.

Award Category: Most Beautiful Song Lyrics*
Winner: Snow Patrol
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Why the winner deserves the award: Snow Patrol is a very good band. They always write songs that have beautiful and thoughtful lyrics. Their songs make people think about things. The lyrics are always moving and beautiful.

The lyrics are the words in a song.

About the Artist

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Snow Patrol is an alternative rock band from the UK. The five members of the band joined together when they were in university in Scotland. Since they started making music in 1994, Snow Patrol has sold over 10 million albums worldwide. They often go on tours and perform in countries around the world. Their song 'Chasing Cars' is one of their most popular, and made them famous worldwide.