There have been many musical artists in history, but some of the most famous artists have been bands. Bands are made up of several musicians. Often in a band, there are a few musicians who play instruments, and one or two who sing.

Many of the most famous bands in history are known not only for their music, but also their costumes, hairstyles and even sometimes make up! Check out some of these famous bands. Do you recognise them?

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The Beatles

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Imagine you are starting your own band! Don't worry, you don't have to perform any music, although you are welcome to do so!

Get together with a group, or work by yourself and create a band. If you can, take a picture of your band in costume, or draw a picture of what your band would look like! Write a description of your band and write about what kind of music you play.

Then, write up an interview, as if you are a famous rock star and you are going to be on the cover of a famous magazine!

Then, get one of your friends to interview you! Remember to act as your rock star character!