Part One

Students work with a partner and decide which person is going to be Student One, and who is going to be Student Two. For each of the situations listed below, the pair of students should read the information and then create an improvised dialogue about the situation. When finished, students are to go on to the next situation.

This is a speaking activity and should not require any writing or preparation by the students.

Situation 1 Situation 2 Situation 3 Situation 4

Student One and Student Two are friends. Student One is very active but Student Two is quite lazy. Student One is worried that Student Two is too unhealthy.

Student One and Student Two are husband and wife. You are both concerned that your daughter eats too much junk food. Student One thinks the daughter should go on a diet, but Student Two disagrees because their daughter is just a child.

Student One is a doctor. Student Two is seeing the doctor because he or she is always sick. Student Two always gets sick because he or she lives an unhealthy lifestyle, but doesn't realize it. The doctor should tell Student Two that he or she is always sick because of the unhealthy lifestyle.

Student One often goes on diets and loses weight, but always gains the weight back. Student Two explains to Student One that he or she should also exercise more to keep the weight off.

Part Two

Do the activity again, but this time, work with a different partner.