Vocabulary List

  Word Part of Speech Example
ache Noun, Verb My body has lots of aches.
active Adjective An active lifestyle will improve health.
affect Verb A person's level of physical activity can really affect their stress levels.
allergic (to) Adjective I am allergic to cats.
allergy (to) Noun I have an allergy to cats.
aspirin Noun Aspirin is popular for headaches.
backache Noun My bed gives me backaches.
band-aid Noun I have a band-aid for your cut.
bandage Noun I wrapped my foot in a bandage.
bleed Verb My nose is bleeding.
[a cold]
Phrase I wash my hands a lot because I don't want to catch a cold.
cough Noun, Verb Smokers cough a lot.
Verb I cycle to work when the weather is nice.
diet Noun, Verb Asian diets have lots of rice.
disease Noun Some diseases come from having an unhealthy lifestyle.
exercise Noun, Verb Exercise makes me tired.
[in shape]
Adjective He is always at the gym because he wants to get fit.
fitness Noun His level of fitness is very good. This means he is in good shape.
Verb People often gain weight when living abroad.
headache Noun Turn down the music because I have a headache.
hurt Verb My back hurts.
in / out of shape Phrase Soccer players have to be in shape.
itch Noun, Verb Mosquito bites make my skin itch.
itchy Adjective My eyes are so itchy because of my allergies.
junk food Noun Eating too much junk food will make you fat.
lazy Adjective He is always late for class because he's lazy.
Verb If you want to lose weight, you should exercise and go on a diet.
medicine Noun This medicine will stop the pain.
on a diet Phrase I am on a diet so I will not order dessert.
overweight Adjective The man is not fat but just a little overweight.
pain Noun I have a lot of pain in my neck.
physical activity Noun Physical activity is important for health.
pill Noun I don't like taking too many pills.
push-up Noun Push-ups are a good kind of exercise to do at home.
quite Adverb My allergies are quite bad this year.
reduce Verb This medicine will reduce the pain.
scar Noun The cut left a scar above my eye.
sore Adjective I should see a dentist because my tooth is quite sore.
stomach Noun He eats a lot so he has a huge stomach.
[or stomach ache}
Noun I don't want to eat because I have a stomachache.
surgery Noun I am quite afraid of surgery.
swollen Adjective His finger is swollen from the accident.
temperature Noun He has a high temperature and is very sick.
throat Noun I have a sore throat.
treadmill Noun I use a treadmill when I can't run outside.
unfit Adjective Unfit people never exercise.
unhealthy Adjective An unhealthy lifestyle makes me tired.
vitamin Noun Healthy food has lots of vitamins.
water Verb My eyes are watering.
weight Noun I am worried about my weight.
weight-training Noun To get bigger muscles, you need to do lots of weight-training.
work out Phrasal Verb I work out at the gym every evening.
wrap Noun, Verb He wrapped a band-aid around his finger.