In this lesson we’ll watch and listen to a news report on the economy, and pay attention to the language used to describe economic changes.

Before watching and listening, think about this question:

The news report is called ‘Global economy: Sharp fall on world markets’. Is the news going to be good or bad? Why do you think so?

Before listening, check that you understand the meaning of these words:

Word Part of speech
financial adjective Buying a house is a big financial decision.
market noun He put his money in the stock market but lost it all.
employment noun Education prepares you for the world of employment.
falter verb The baby took her first faltering steps toward her mother.
economy noun The new government has promised to improve the country’s economy.
robust adjective After exercise she felt strong, healthy and robust.
trading noun Canada seeks many new trading partners for natural resources like oil.
manufacture verb Manufacturing cars is a growing industry in China.
recession noun The president was afraid that the lack of investment would lead to recession.
policy noun What’s the party’s policy on employment?

Now watch the video: