In this lesson we’ll watch and listen to a news report on a bank which has been found guilty of behaving illegally.

Part 1

Discuss these topics with your partner / group:

Part 2

Before watching and listening, think about this question:

Who is most likely to be held responsible for Barclay’s illegal activities?

Before listening, check that you understand the meaning of these words:

Word Part of speech Example
fine noun I parked illegally and the fine was $80.
penance noun He’s already doing penance for his mistake. Don’t punish him any more.
bonus noun The bonus this year was only $500, on top of my salary.
fraud noun By using someone else’s credit card, she was guilty of fraud.
interest rate noun I’m getting a fantastic interest rate on my savings.
lending rate noun The lending rate on my mortgage is killing me.
benchmark noun Porsche is a benchmark automobile. All cars should be like that.
corporate adjective The corporate culture was one of greed.
held to account   You will be held to account for this mistake and you can expect to be punished.
integrity noun I trust him. He shows great integrity.

Now watch the video:


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