This is to give you practice using vocabulary which helps to link your answer to the examiner’s questions, especially in Part 1 of the Speaking Test.

Content words which link and expand your ideas

In Part 1 of the test you need to show that you can use a wide range of vocabulary. This means giving full and expanded answers to the questions you are asked. You can can give full answers by using words which refer closely to the question which has been asked.

Question: Do you prefer cooking for yourself or eating out?
Answer: I really enjoy preparing food at home. I like baking bread and cooking curries. Despite that, I do also love eating in restaurants, although I can’t always afford it. If I do eat out I’ll always check the menu first to see if my favourite dishes are offered. And I only go to restaurants where the service is good.

The candidate has answered the question in a way that shows they know the difference between cooking at home and eating in restaurants, and has expanded the vocabulary used by the examiner e.g. ‘preparing food’ and ‘baking’ are synonymous with ‘cooking’.


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