Word Part Of Speech Example
Advocate Noun, Verb Are you an advocate of the new plan?
Cast Noun When she broke her arm, she had to wear a cast for three months.
Catastrophe Noun Natural disasters can often lead to catastrophes for the people that experience them.
Contribute Verb Instead of sitting there, perhaps you could contribute to the discussion?
Council Noun The council decided not to go ahead with the plan.
Delay Noun, Verb I think we should delay doing that until next week.
Diaper Noun My daughter stopped wearing diapers when she was three years old.
Diligent Adjective Teachers love diligent students.
Dominate Verb The young soccer team was dominated by the older one.
Dust Noun, Verb I am allergic to dust.
Elder / Eldest Noun / Adjective It is a responsibility in society for young people to take care of their elders.
Establish Verb The company established a new plan for the future.
Evolution Noun It is amazing to see the evolution of personal computers over the last ten years.
Extended Family Noun Most of my extended family lives in Europe.
Extremely Adverb The situation was extremely difficult to understand.
Favour (US - Favor) Verb The teacher really favours the hard-working students in the class.
Get-together / Get together Noun, Verb I love getting together for family dinners.
Head Verb Let’s head east and see what we find.
Household Noun You can make many cool things from simple household objects.
Housekeeper Noun It would be amazing to have a housekeeper clean my apartment.
Immediate Family Noun My immediate family consists of myself, my parents, and my brother.
In-law Noun My in-laws are coming to visit this weekend.
Income Noun Although her salary from that job is not very high, her yearly income is actually quite high.
Indicate Verb The label on the package indicates that this food contains nuts.
Individual Adjective I have never seen a store that sells individual socks or shoes.  You always have to buy them in pairs.
Mature Adjective The mature student has had a lot of life experience.
Optimistic Adjective I am very optimistic about our chances to have success.
Outlook Noun She has a very negative outlook on life.
Pessimistic Adjective Why are you always so pessimistic?  I think the plan will work!
Pirate Noun, Verb Have you ever seen “Pirates of the Caribbean?”
Polish Verb Your shoes need to be polished!
Pursue Verb I need money to pursue my dreams.
Rebel Noun, Verb Every classroom has a rebel.
Reflection Noun I can see my reflection in the window.
Reject Verb The man rejected the idea that he was not good enough for the job.
Related Adjective Although we have the same family name, we are not related.
Rely Verb While traveling, I rely on my cell phone to keep me connected to what is happening back home.
Resource Noun There are not enough resources to finish the job.
Role Noun My role at the company always changes.  
Rough Adjective Growing up without seeing your parents very often must have been rough.
Rug Noun I am not sure I like the colour of that rug.  To me, it seems like it would get dirty quite easily.
Ruin Verb Dinner was ruined because I burned the chicken.
Sedan Noun A sedan is a simple, four-door car.
Sibling Noun He has two siblings: a brother and a sister.
Sigh Noun, Verb She breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the news.
Significant Adjective The decision was significant because it affected a lot of people.
Sin Noun, Verb It would be a sin for you to miss the party!
Spoiled Adjective Spoiled children always get what they want.
Sponsor Noun, Verb The company sponsors the local sports team.
Stable Adjective A stable lifestyle is needed in order to be healthy.
Stain Noun, Verb Coffee leaves a stain on your teeth.
Stuffed Adjective She was stuffed after eating so much during the meal.
Sweep Verb I always have to sweep my kitchen floors after I cook a meal.
Tie The Knot Phrase They tied the knot last summer.  
To Bear Fruit Phrase The decision was not a success at all.  It did not bear any fruit.
Tough Adjective I do not like this kind of meat.  It is too tough to eat.
Trend Noun Staying in touch with friends using Facebook is a trend that has not yet disappeared.
Tumour (US - Tumor) Noun Doctors were able to remove the tumor before it caused any damage.
Vacuum Noun, Verb If you do not vacuum the carpet regularly, the apartment will get quite dusty.
Vase Noun Could you put these flowers in a vase for me?
Wealthy Adjective I do not need to be rich, but I would like to be wealthy.
Wedlock Noun Entering wedlock is not a decision you should take lightly.


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