Imagine we are living some time in the future and the planet Earth has become uninhabitable. The only option left for humankind is to move to another planet.

the end

You are the lead consultant in this project. It is your job to put together a proposal to the governments of the world that shows where we can all move to. At this point, it looks like terraforming is our only option. The question remains: what planet will we move to?


As lead consultant, you will have to present your proposal to a board of world leaders. You must prepare a convincing presentation -the future of humankind depends on you.

Firstly, you will need to give a brief history summary for the board. What happened to Earth that led it to be in this state? Was it pollution?


Was it war?

city destroyed

Did something from space hit the planet?

planet being hit by asteroid

Whatever you decide, you will have to write a convincing, detailed summary to make sure that your board can understand the severity of the situation on Earth.

Of course, your board is made up of world leaders, not scientists. They can't understand what terraforming is, and they don't have your vast knowledge of planets in space. You will have to break the information down for them so that they can understand.

Provide your board with some research on terraforming. Describe to them what the process entails, so that they have all the information they need to know how to allocate their resources and time.


Then, you will need to choose the best planet for terraforming. You will present the board with detailed information about the planet you have selected. Why is it the best planet for terrafoming? Why did you choose it? In what ways will it be similar and different to Earth? What will life be like on this planet? Provide detailed information about the planet as well as a description of what life would be like on the 'New Earth.'

futurist space station

After you present to the board, they will decide the fate of humankind.


Will the board accept your proposal? Or will you have to look for a new job (on a new planet)?? Better prove your worth as a scientist and consultant! The fate of the human planet depends on you.


Open the exercise to begin the activity. Follow the instructions in the document. You will need to rite a brief history summary, research terraforming, research a new planet and put together a Prezi or poster presentation