Listen to these words and repeat to practice your pronunciation.

a meteor

a meteoroid


a meteorite

a galaxy

an asteroid

Listen and read along to these sentences.

What are the chances that the Earth is hit by an asteroid? Not high, I would say. I think it's pretty unlikely that we're going to be hit by a huge asteroid that would devastate the planet.

Haven't you heard the news? We're all doomed! There's nothing we can do to escape the giant asteroid that's about to hit Earth. Our only chance is to escape for another planet.

If we were really going to be hit by an asteroid, there would be nothing we could do about it. You think there's a way to stop a gigantic asteroid travelling at such a high speed? No chance!

I wonder if I could escape the asteroid by hiding out underground. I knew I should have invested in that underground shelter!

Practice reading those sentences aloud and record your voice or say the sentences out to your class.


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