Listen to these words and repeat to practice your pronunciation.


An invasion

Space nebula

Sustain life

To be captured

A lunar eclipse

Listen and read along to these sentences.

I've just landed on a bizarre new planet. There doesn't seem to be much intelligent life here. All the species of this planet seem to walk around talking into little black machines stuck to their ears.

I'm not sure if this planet is even worth conquering. It seems polluted and dirty. There aren't nearly as many animals here as there are on our home planet.

Aliens are invading our planet! I hope they come in peace. They look gigantic. If they wanted to destroy us, we wouldn't have a chance!

I think someone should try to talk to these aliens and negotiate a peace treaty. I'm sure the aliens are not hostile. Otherwise, they would have already destroyed us by now!

Practice reading those sentences aloud and record your voice or say the sentences out to your class.


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