This is a desert. A desert is a dry place. Dry means there is no water. There are many deserts in the world. There is little rain in a desert. There is little water in a desert. Does it look nice? Do you want to go there?

Many deserts are hot and have sand. This is a hot desert. Look at the sun! Do you like hot days? You can see sand dunes in a hot desert. A sand dune is a hill made of sand. You can go up and down a sand dune. It's fun to go down a sand dune. I want to try it. Do you want to try, too?

Some deserts are cold and have snow. This is a cold desert. Where is the sun? Do you like cold days? You can see snow in a cold desert. Snow is white and cold. Do you like snow?

All deserts are dry. Deserts are big, and quiet. What lives in a desert? Plants, animals, and people live in the desert. Would you like to live in a desert?