This is a camel. It is a tall animal. Some are over 2 meters tall. It has long legs, and big teeth. It lives in a desert. Is it cute? Is it funny?

This is a hump. All camels have a hump. Some camels have one hump. Some camels have two humps. I don't have a hump. Do you have a hump?

What is inside the hump? Is water inside the hump? No! It's food. Inside the hump there is food.

This is a baby camel. We call the baby a calf. It is 120 cm tall. It's a big baby! I want to play with it.

This is a camel foot. These are camel feet. Camels have four big feet. Some camel feet can be 50 cm long.

Wow! Big feet help the camel walk on the soft sand. Do you have big feet?

Camels have long eyelashes. They help keep sand out of the camel's eyes. They are pretty.

Camels can run. They can run fast. They can run far. Can you run fast? Look at this camel running. Was it funny?