This is a cactus. A cactus is a desert plant. It lives in hot deserts. It loves the sun. It loves hot days. It loves dry places.

This is one cactus. These are many cacti. Can you count them?

I can see many cacti. They are pretty. Some are big. Some are small. Some are short. Some are tall. Some look like a ball. Is this ball cactus cute?

This is a leaf. These are leaves. Many plants have leaves. Cacti don't have leaves. Cacti have a lot of spines. The spines are sharp. The spines can hurt you. Ouch!

These are roots. Plants have roots. Cacti have long roots. They have long roots to get more water.

Some animals live in a cactus. An owl lives in this cactus.

Some animals live on a cactus. A hawk lives on this cactus.

Some animals live next to a cactus. A mouse lives next to this cactus.

All cacti can have flowers. This one has red flowers. I like it! This one has pink flowers. I love it!

I love cacti. I have many cacti in my house. Do you have cacti in your house?