This is a kangaroo. It is a big animal. It is a strong animal. It has big feet, and a long tail. It lives only in Australia. It lives in the desert. This is a hot desert. Do you want to go there?

This is a girl kangaroo. She has a pouch. A baby kangaroo lives in this pouch. We call the baby a joey! Joeys are small, and cute. Kangaroos can have three joeys at one time.

This joey is sleeping. Do you want to touch it? The joey stays in the pouch for nine months. It is nice and warm in the pouch.

This is a boy kangaroo. He doesn't have a pouch. He can grow big.

Do kangaroos walk? No, they jump. They jump a lot. They jump here. They jump there. They jump high.  They jump far. Can you jump high?

What is it doing? Why is it licking its arms? To keep cool! I don't lick my arms to keep cool. I drink cold water when I am hot. What do you do when you are hot?

Kangaroos are soft. Kangaroos are cute. I want to see a kangaroo.