Do you know what a forest is? This is a forest. A forest has many trees. Some trees are tall. Some trees are short.

There are many forests in the world. Forests are fun. You can play in a forest. You can camp in a forest. You can hike in a forest. What do you do in a forest?

Do you know what a rainforest is? This is a rainforest. It is a forest with lots of rain. There are many rainforests in the world. They are near the equator. It is hot near the equator. Rainforest plants love hot days. Rainforest animals love hot days, too.

Some rainforests are big. Some rainforests are huge! This is a huge rainforest. How many trees can you see? How many vines can you see? How many branches can you see? I can't count them all!

There are many trees in a rainforest. There are many vines in a rainforest. A vine is like a rope. Animals can swing on the vines. It looks like fun. I want to swing on a vine.

Many animals live in a rainforest. Some animals live in a tree. Some animals live in a burrow. Some animals swing on the vines. Some animals perch on a branch. You can hear many sounds here. I want to hear the birds. What do you want to hear?