There are many animals in a rainforest. Some animals live in the trees. Some animals live in the bushes. Some animals live on the ground. Some animals can climb. Some animals can hang. Some animals can perch. Some animals can pounce!

Do you know what a sloth is? This is a sloth. It lives in a rainforest. Sloths live in trees. Sloths are slow. They don't like to move much. They like to sleep. Sloths sleep upside down! They can climb trees. They can hang on branches. How do sloths keep safe? They are so slow that no one can see them! A sloth is a cool animal!

Do you know what a toucan is? This is a toucan. It lives in a rainforest. Toucans live in trees. A toucan has a huge, strong beak. A toucan uses its beak to eat fruits and insects. Toucans like to perch on a branch. Toucans like to watch. Toucans can fly, but not well. They like to hop or glide. They hop from branch to branch. They glide from tree to tree.

Do you know what a jaguar is? A jaguar is an animal that lives in a rainforest. It lives in the bushes. It is a big jungle cat. It can hide and wait to catch food. It hides, waits, and pounces on its food. Jaguars are amazing and strong rainforest animals.

Look at all these rainforest animals. I want to see all of them!