This forest is near the equator. It has two seasons. There is a wet season, and a dry season.

In the wet season there is a lot of rain. Plants and animals like the rain. Sometimes the rain is too much. The animals have to keep safe. Some keep safe in the trees. Some keep safe in their home.

In the dry season there is a little rain. Plants and animals don't like it. They have to look for water. Some plants have long roots to get water. Some animals move to find water. The trees in this forest keep their leaves.

This forest is far from the equator. It has four seasons. Spring, summer, fall, and winter are the four seasons.

In the spring it is warm. In the spring we see flowers. The flowers are colourful. Look at all the colours. I can see so many flowers.

In the summer it is hot. In the summer we see leaves. The leaves are big and green. I want to sit under this tree.

In the fall it is cool. In the fall the leaves change colour. We can see red, yellow, and orange leaves. Leaves fall down in the fall. We can jump in the leaves!

In the winter it is cold. In the winter there are no leaves. The trees lose their leaves. The branches are brown. The sky is grey.

In the spring the flowers come back! I like spring and summer the best. What seasons do you like?