We need forests. Forests have many trees. Trees help make the air clean. Trees help make the ground strong. Trees give animals food and homes. Trees give us paper and wood.

Forests need our help. There used to be many rainforests. Now there are not so many. There used to be many tall trees. Now there are not so many. There used to be many animals in a forest. Now there are not so many. Forests used to be clean. Now we can see trash.

Why do forests need our help? People are cutting down many trees. People are harming the plants. Sometimes there are forest fires.

What will happen if we don't have any forests? There will be no trees. The air will be dirty. The ground will be soft. Animals will have no food and homes.

Some animals are endangered. This means there are not many in the world. We have to protect them. We have to help them, not harm them.

How can we help forests? We can plant new trees. We can help endangered animals. We can use both sides of the paper. We can clean up our trash.

Look at these baby trees. One day they will be tall. One day animals will live here.

Look at these rescue animals. One day they will be strong. One day they will live in a forest again.

Look at these people. They are collecting trash. They are cleaning the forest. They are helping the forest.

We can help forests, too. I will plant a tree, and pick up trash. What will you do?