Objectives and Sequence: In review of grammar 1-1 and 1-2.

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Read the following conversation to your partner between a salesman and a customer.

Mr. Wilson?

Yes, Peter, what is it?

The conversations has missing words. Identify the missing words and read the conversation again without mistakes.

Mr. Wilson?

Yes, I _____ Mr. Wilson.

There _____ 3 Mustangs at our shop. One of them is the color you want.

Ohh great! How much _____ it?

The price _____ $32,000.

Ohh wow. I _____ not happy with that price.

Well, it is the cheapest we have.

I will keep looking.

Hello, _____ Juan there?

Yes, this _____ Juan. How may I help you?

Hi Juan. This is Joe. I want to ask you about new brakes.

Ok Joe. Brakes _____ very important. My shop has many different brakes.

Ohh great. Where _____ your shop?

_____ shop is downtown on Main Street.

Ok. Thank you Juan. I _____ on my way.

See you soon Joe.

Hey Emily, where _____ you going tonight?

Nowhere. My car _____ broken.

Ohh no! What is wrong?

I _____ not sure. It won’t start.

Do _____ need help?

No, I _____ fine. My brother will help me.

Ok. Well, good luck!

Thanks, Chen.

Hey Peter! Where _____ my car?

Ohh, I _____ sorry Mulan. I needed it.

Peter! You _____ crazy. I want it back.

Sorry Mulan. I _____ busy now with my friend.

Peter you _____ a bad boyfriend.

You say that every day.

We _____ finished. I am breaking up with you.

Come on Mulan!