Functions Grammar Vocabulary
  • Introducing yourself, introducing someone else
  • Asking personal information questions about someone
  • Discussing cars and introducing the auto industry
  • Making statements, yes/no questions, Wh-questions, contractions, short answers with be
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Survival words and expressions
  • Adjectives
  • Simple car parts
Reading & Writing Listening & Media Speaking
  • Personal information about oneself and others
  • Reading comprehension activity based on one person's introduction of herself and classmates
  • Basic sentence puncuation
  • Listening for personal information
  • Introductions
  • Listening comprehension activity based on several people's introductions
  • Dictation activity
  • Listening Comprehension based off of a video test driving vechicles and introduction to car vocabulary
  • Making statements and asking questions about personal information
  • Speaking activity reviewing unit grammar. 
  • Role play of auto related conversations.