Welcome to Canada: What Can We Do For You?01


1-1Interview Form - 2 Workers

1-1Introductory Exercises

1-1Opening Discussion Questions

1-1Personal Qualities Exercise

1-1Self Assessment - Intro, Values & Value Assessment

1-1Self Assessment Media

1-2Self Assessment - Interests

1-2Workplace Character Adjectives List

1-3Career Personality Assessments

1-3People Skills Vs Knowledge

1-3Personality Type & Career Choice

1-4Common Irregular Job Verbs

1-4Self Assessment Tests

1-4Skills Assessment

1-5Skills That Are Always In Demand

1-5Tell Me About Yourself

1-5Transferable Skills

1-5Transferable Skills Sets List

1-5Transferable Skills Worksheet

How to Find a Job in Canada: What Can You Do?02


2-1Important Skills

2-1Job Search - Worksheet

2-1Job Search Checklist: The Company

2-1Job search Media

2-1Job Search: Describing Ability - The Interview Candidates

2-1Who's Getting Hired Right Now

2-2Job Search Checklist

2-2Job search websites

2-2Paragraph Writing

2-2Text - Apply Now

2-3Case Study: Fast Track Inc.

2-3Subject-Verb Agreement #1

2-4Subject-Verb Agreement #2

2-4Text - Apply Now

2-5Job Search Abbreviation

2-5Subject-Verb Agreement 3

2-5Text - Apply Now

I’m Now Living in Canada: Who Can Help Me?03


3-1Media for Networking

3-1Networking 1 - The Riley Guide

3-1Networking activity 1

3-1Networking events

3-1Networking list


3-2Networking 2 - The Riley Guide

3-2Networking Activity 2

3-2Reported Speech 1

3-2Text - Apply Now

3-2The Job Announcement

3-315 Networking Tips & Pitfalls

3-3Case Study - The Way We Do It

3-3Networking 3 - The Riley Guide

3-3Reported Speech 2

3-3Text - Apply Now

3-4Indirect Speech 3

3-4Networking IRL

3-4Text - Apply Now

3-4Where to Network Online

3-5Indirect Speech 4

3-5Making Contact

3-5Networking Quiz

3-5Text - Apply now

3-5The 8 Networking Competencies

In Canada We (Usually) Call It a Resume04


4-1Action verbs

4-1BEWS Sample Resume 1

4-1Resume Media

4-1Resume Websites

4-1Resume Writing

4-1Sample Resume 2

4-2Action Verbs Quiz

4-2Resume Formats

4-2Resume Writing 2

4-3Action Verbs Quiz

4-3Seven Steps to Build a Great Resume

4-4Action Verbs Quiz

4-4Here are 10 phrases you should ban from your resume

4-4Verb Consistency

4-5Verb Consistency 2

What Do You Have To Offer Canada?05


5-1BEWS Cover Letter Sample

5-1BEWS Sample Cover Letter

5-1Cover Letter Basics

5-1Cover Letter Media

5-1Cover Letter Websites


5-230 Power Words to Power Up Your Résumé

5-2Cover Letter Tips

5-2Cover Letter Writing

5-3Creative Cover Letter 2

5-3Transition Expressions

5-4Cover Letter Practice

5-4Creative Cover Letter 3

5-4Transition Expression 2

5-5Transitions Expression 3

Creative Cover Letter

What Do You Have to Offer that No One Else Does?06


6-1How to Answer Interview Questions

6-1Interview Basics

6-1Questions & Media

6-1Tell me about yourself

6-1Tell me about yourself 2


6-2Interview Basics 2

6-2Ten Ways to Battle Job-Interview Jitters

6-2What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses?

6-3Our 10 Interview Questions

6-3Pronoun Antecedent Agreement

6-3Why Should We Hire You

6-4Pronoun Antecedent Agreement 2

6-4Why Do You Want to Work Here?

6-5Interviews - Wall Street is rude

6-5Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement - 3

6-5What is your greatest achievement?

Entering the World of Business in English07


7-1Interview Basics 3

7-1Questions & Media

7-1Tell me about a time where you had to deal with conflict on the job


7-2Describe your ideal job

7-2Don't Kill an Interview with these Blunders

7-2Our 10 Interview Questions

7-3100 Questions

7-3Indirect Questions

7-3Interview Question

7-3Things NOT to Say in an Interview

7-4How Do You Handle Stress

7-4Indirect Speech - Tell & Say

7-5Indirect Speech - If & Whether

7-5Ten Questions to Ask

7-5What Kind of People Do You Like Working With

Do You Do It Like That In Canada?08


8-1Job Site Videos


8-1Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Prospective Employer In An Interview

8-2Company Research

8-2Company Research Vocabulary

8-2Interview Preparation Checklist

8-2Passive Voice 1

8-3Company Research Vocabulary Quiz

8-3Job Research

8-3Passive Voice 2

8-4Passive Voice 3

8-4Passive Voice 4

8-5Have You Finished that Report?

8-5Passive Voice 5

Where Do I Write My Gender, Marital Status etc.?09




9-2Business Phrasal Verb Quiz 1

9-3Business Phrasal Verbs 2

9-3Finding Jobs at Company Websites


9-4Business Phrasal Verb Quiz 3

9-4The Power of Positive Thinking

9-5Business Phrasal Verb Quiz 4

9-5Business Phrasal Verbs

9-5Phrasal Verb Activity

9-5Supplemental Activity - 10 Real Job Application Form Mistakes

In My Language It’s Easy, But in English It’s Frustrating!10


10-1Job Fair Checklist

10-1Media for Job Fairs

10-1Team Building Quiz - Mottos


10-1Tips for Effective Presentations

10-2Fear and Presentations

10-2Job Fair List of Exhibitors

10-3Future Forms Listening Activity

10-3Job Fair Questionnaire

10-3More on Presentation Skills

10-4Ten Tips for a Killer Presentation

10-4Will or Going To

10-5Final Notes on Presentation Skills

10-5Future Forms

Negotiations - What’s In It for Me, Eh?11


11-1Media for Negotiating

11-1Negotiating Self-Assessment 1

11-1Negotiations Vocabulary 1


11-1Win Win Negotiation Skills 1

11-2Conditionals (1&2)

11-2Introduction to Negotiating WS

11-2Negotiating Self-Assessment 2

11-2Negotiations Vocabulary 1 Quiz

11-2Negotiations Vocabulary 2

11-2What Are Your Salary Expectations

11-2Win Win Negotiations 2

11-35 Phrases that will Get You a Higher Salary

11-3Negotiating Self-Assessment 3

11-3Negotiations Vocabulary 2 Quiz

11-3Negotiations Vocabulary 3

11-4Misplaced Modifiers

11-4Negotiating Self-Assessment 4

11-4Negotiations Vocabulary 3 Quiz

11-4Negotiations Vocabulary 4

11-4Win Win Negotiation Skills 3

11-5Dangling Modifiers

11-5Negotiating Self-Assessment 5

11-5Negotiations Vocabulary 4 Quiz

11-5Win Win Negotiation Skills 4

So You’re Hired! Now What?12


12-1Business English Telephone Phrases & Dialogue

12-1Business Expressions 1

12-1Internet Links - Company Abbrev. Quiz

12-1Media - The Office

12-1Resolving Workplace Conflict 4 Ways to a Win-Win Solution


12-2Business Expressions 2

12-2Discussion - Do They Need an Office

12-2Parallel Structure 1

12-3Business Expressions 3

12-3Parallel Structure 2

12-3The Death of the Office

12-4Is the Modern Office Dead - Ted

12-4Parallel Structure 3

12-5Seven Ways Job Seekers Sabotage Themselves