It is hard to live in a desert.

The desert is very dry.


Some deserts are very hot. Some deserts are very cold.

Some deserts have sand. Some deserts have snow.


There are many animals that live in a desert.

They all have special ways of living in the desert.


Do you remember how a camel lives in the desert?

A camel has long eyelashes, a hump and big feet to help it live in the desert.


What if you were an animal living in the desert?

What would help you live in the desert?


Think of how you could change your body to be an awesome desert animal!

  • Would you have a long tail?
  • Would you have long eyelashes?
  • Would you have an umbrella?


Open the activity.

Draw a picture of yourself as a desert animal.

Write a few sentences about how you live in the desert.