The polar regions are full of ice and snow.

But did you know that the polar regions are melting more and more?

Before, there was a lot of ice.

Now, the ice is getting smaller.

This is because of humans.

Our cars, factories and machines make the air dirty.

The dirty air is making the Earth warmer.

Now, it is getting too hot and the ice is melting.

Life for polar bears is hard today.

Polar bears eat seals.

Seals live on ice.

With no ice, seals find other places to live.

With no ice, polar bears have to swim a long way to find animals to eat.

Many polar bears get too tired and hungry and drown.

The polar bears and other animals need our help.

The polar regions need our help!

Let's stop making the Earth warmer.

Ride your bike to school.

Don't waste power.

Turn off the lights.

Let's save the polar regions!


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