Ksenia speaks about her experience studying Hospitality at the Canadian College

Adults Smrt Ad Smrt Pathway
Ksenia studied Hospitality Management at the Canadian College in 2011. She is now living in Vancouver and working at a local hotel chain as a banquet server.

Peru: Machu Picchu

Kids Travel World
Discover the world with Travel Kids.

VFX Artist Reveals The True Scale Of The Universe

Youth Creativity Science Space
If The Earth was shrunk down to the size of a tennis ball, how big would the universe be?

Sausage & Egg Bap | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
If you're after a a bit of a breakfast treat for the weekend then I have got you covered with this delicious sausage bap. Think egg, avocado, sausages and a bit of my special chilli sauce. It's super easy and won't disappoint. Give it a go!

How To Draw A Pandacorn

Kids Art Creativity
Today, Hadley and I are learning how to draw a cute pandacorn.

Why Cities Need Trees

Youth Cities Construction
Explore what makes trees a vital part of cities, and how urban spaces throughout history have embraced the importance of trees.

You Are Not Where You Think You Are

Adults Life Science Space
Look around you. Where are you? Where is this place you are occupying? Somewhere in a room, maybe in a city on a continent on a planet orbiting a star in a galaxy among billions. But… where is all of that?

How To Make Elephant Toothpaste

Kids Science
For this fun experiment, we have transformed our kitchen into a laboratory.

Wizard of Paws - Two New Leg Braces

Youth Animals Gadgets
Derrick meets a dog named Frida who needs braces for her hind legs and begins working on two different designs to help Frida walk better.

The Super Secrets of Sewage

Adults Biology Human Science
In 2020, many cities started monitoring wastewater for viruses, and there are a lot of non-virus reasons to keep doing it.

Cool Facts About Bats

Kids Animals Nature
Find out cool and creepy facts about bats—from how and where they live, to what they eat and how they talk to each other.

25 MILLION Orbeez In A Pool

Youth Humor Science
We filled a pool with 25 million Orbeez so I could settle an argument about how far you sink if you jump in.

How does heart transplant surgery work? - Roni Shanoada

Adults Biology Human Technology
Dig into the science of how heart transplants happen, how donors are matched and find out how this complex surgery saves lives.

Liliane's Experience Working and Studying in Canada

Adults Smrt Ad Smrt Pathway
Liliane speaks about her experience at Canadian College of English Language and her plan to study the International Trade Diploma at the Canadian College.

Let's Wash Our Hands

Kids Health Music
Let’s wash our hands together.

Opinion Writing - Episode 6

Youth Creativity Writing
Now I'm ready to write a conclusion to finish my draft.

Productivity Tips | Easy Ways to Get Into The Work / Study Zone

Adults Education Human Self
Want more study tips? Watch my new YouTube series "Student Optimisation" here!

Cherry Blossom Festival

Kids Travel World
The Cherry Blossom Festival is a celebration of amazing flowering trees in Washington, D.C.

Food And Culture On The Space Station

Youth Space Women
Learn about the intersection of food and culture in space from NASA astronaut Sunita "Suni" Williams.

How Is Your City Tackling the Climate Crisis? | Marvin Rees | TED

Adults Human Life World
"If we can unlock the full potential of our cities, we can minimize the price the planet pays for hosting us in our growing numbers," says Marvin Rees, the Mayor of Bristol, UK, who understands deeply how cities can help (or hurt) the environment.

3 Fun Ways To Paint

Kids Art Creativity
This video shows you three ways you can make a painting in unexpected ways.