Animated Earth Stories

Kids Books Reading World
When Earth gets a bit lonely, it decides to visit its friends in the solar system.

The Rainiest Places On Earth

Kids Nature Weather World
In this episode of SciShow Kids, Jessi and Squeaks learn about places with record-breaking rainfall.

DIY Pom Pom Launcher

Kids Experiments How-to Science
Get ready for an explosion of fun with our DIY Pom Pom Launcher! This isn't just a craft; it's a thrilling experience that will keep you engaged and excited.

How To Draw: Cartoon Pear

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Dive into this fun and simple lesson, perfect for kids of all ages as we learn to draw a funny cartoon pear.

Teddy Bear Hokey Pokey

Kids Fun Movement Music
This song will have your little ones laughing and dancing along with their favorite cuddly teddy bears.

The Digger And The Flower

Kids Books Reading Wellness
The Digger and the Flower is a heartfelt story of tenderness and caring for the world around us.

The Windiest Places On Earth

Kids Nature Weather World
Jessi and Squeaks explore two of the windiest places on Earth: Mount Washington in New Hampshire, USA, and Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica.

Willa And The Wind

Kids Books Reading Self
Willa and the Wind is a heartwarming story about a little girl who learned to never give up on her dream, and to always be true to herself.

The Science Behind The Colours Animals See

Kids Animals Nature Science
A team of researchers from the University of Sussex in the U.K. and George Mason University in the U.S. used a modified camera to record nature as it might be seen by other animals.

Counting Fire Trucks

Kids Education Math Music
This catchy count to 10 song is perfect for teaching kids about fire trucks and counting!

Let's Visit A Bakery

Kids Food Fun How-to
Watch and learn how to make your own delicious cookies with Caitie and Chef Lisa Bieman from Flaky Tart bakery in Toronto, in this video for kids.

Ancient Animal Crossing

Kids Animals History Nature
Join Squeaks and Jessi as they learn about a time when lots of animals switched places -- like bears, sloths, armadillos, and more.

Who Said Moo?

Kids Animals Books Reading
Follow along with Red Rooster, while he learns all the sounds the farm animals make. And, see if he will ever discover “who said moo?”

Benito The Giraffe

Kids Animals Environment Health
Benito the giraffe went on quite a journey across Mexico, from Central Park in Ciudad Juárez to Africam Safari Park in Puebla.

Saint Patrick's Day Freeze Dance

Kids Fun Movement Music
Get ready for some St. Patrick's Day fun! Join in on the freeze dance game and see if you can keep up when the Leprechaun says freeze.

Let's Get Our Eyes Checked

Kids Health Self Wellness
Come along with Caitie as she gets her eyes checked at the optometrist's office - that's a fancy word for eye doctor!

Saber-Toothed Smilodon

Kids Animals History Nature
Smilodon the saber-toothed cat had really big teeth! Join Jessi and Squeaks and learn all about how fossils can tell us how these Ice Age animals lived.