The Best Seat

Kids Books Reading Relationships
The Best Seat is a story of an unlikely duo finding common ground, learning to share, and forging a new friendship through shared experiences.


Youth Facts Food Health
The goal for today is to describe the role of macronutrients and identify some of the healthiest sources for each.

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If you’re not already following us on Instagram, maybe it’s time to start. Follow us on Instagram for Smrt updates, events, contests, tips, FAQ's and EdTech related posts.

Baby Tamarin Tries to Escape Ocelot

Adults Animals Life Nature
An ocelot is only twice the size of a house cat, but to these tiny tamarins it's a giant. It could kill each of them with a single bite!

Let's Learn Winter Sports

Kids How-to Movement Sports
Join Caitie as she tries skiing, ice skating, and her favourite activity of all, snowshoeing.

Sea Otters Holding Hands

Youth Animals Nature
Sea otters face great danger in the open ocean; can this family brave the waves and stick together?

How This Guy Makes the World's Best Puzzle Boxes | Obsessed | WIRED

Adults Construction Creativity Gaming
Kagen Sound is an artisan of remarkable skill, engineering and constructing incredibly intricate puzzle boxes made entirely of wood.

Why Do Onions Make Us Cry?

Youth Food Human Science
Hayley explains the science behind why onions make us cry, and what we can do to prevent this.

How Do We Get Energy? (Chemical Reactions): Crash Course Biology #26

Adults Education Science
Cells need energy to power the chemical reactions that keep their microscopic cities running, and most of that energy comes from a chemical called ATP.

Hope for Youth Project - Smrt Scholarship Program

Adults Smrt Ad
In 2012 Smrt and the Canadian College of English Language initiated a scholarship program for 50 students who have lost parents, homes, and livelihoods as a result of the tsunami in Japan. The scholarship was for free tuition (courtesy of CCEL) and free accommodation for up to 3 months.

Do expensive Eggs actually taste better?

Adults Family Film Food
Today, we settle a question I've been wondering about for years: Do expensive eggs actually taste better?

How To Draw: Bookworm

Kids Art Creativity How-to
This lesson is perfect for our younger artists or anyone who loves combining the joy of reading with the fun of drawing a bookworm.

Inside Jay Pharoah’s antifragile mindset

Adults Art Human
ay Pharoah is known best for his impressions, but he’s got a lot more going on.

Was Evacuating Fukushima a Mistake?

Adults Science Weather World
I explored the Fukushima Exclusion Zone for 10 days in the April of 2023. When I was there, I was honestly shocked by the amount of contamination.

Going On A Circle Hunt

Kids Fun Math Music
Join the Kiboomers on a fun circle hunt adventure as they search for different circular objects.

What Is A Core Sample?

Youth History Life Science
Have you ever wanted to go back in time— just to see what it was like? Well, scientists have figured out how …sort of…

The Best Keyboard, According to Science

Adults Design Human Science
o become a master of coding, start your college journey with Study Hall!