Primitive Technology: Brick and Charcoal Production

Adults Construction
In this video I use the thatched hut to fire bricks and make charcoal in for the first time.

Primitive Technology: Wood Ash Insulated Furnace

Adults Construction
I made a furnace insulated with wood ash to smelt iron in. Furnace insulation stops heat being lost from the walls of a furnace and so increases the heat within the furnace.

Building a Sled | Alaska: The Next Generation

Adults Construction
Daniel Apassingok, along with Chase and his family and friends help build a sled to help their every day lives.

How One Design Flaw Almost Toppled A Skyscraper

Youth Construction
Dig into the unique engineering of New York City’s Citicorp Center tower, and the design flaw that threatened to topple it.

Ancient Humans Made Millions Of These - We Don’t Know Why

Adults Construction
The Acheulean handaxe was the most common tool of early humans, but we still don’t know what the heck they used it for.

Explaining concrete while getting buried in it

Adults Construction
Concrete = cement + sand + gravel. Cement is the most important man-made material on Earth.

Primitive Technology: Making Charcoal (3 Different Methods)

Adults Construction
About This Video: With more iron smelting experiments coming up, I demonstrate 3 different methods to make charcoal, ranked easiest to hardest.

How NASA Reinvented The Wheel

Adults Construction
A huge thanks to everyone at NASA Glenn Research Center for having us at the SLOPE Lab, showing their work on this indestructible tire, and helping with the science and animation.

30 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof And A Swimming Pool

Adults Construction
Today we show how to build an underground house with a pool and decorations, including an underground living room.

Primitive Technology: Iron Bacteria Cement

Adults Construction
I developed a cement made from iron bacteria, then made pots from it to test its ability to set and not dissolve in water.

Shall We Fix The Leaning Tower Of Pisa?

Kids Construction
Let's learn about symmetrical and asymmetrical designs though looking at the example of the leaning Tower of Pisa.

rimitive Technology: Decarburization of iron and forging experiments

Adults Construction
I took a brittle, high carbon/iron alloy (cast iron) made from local ore and used a decarburization method to reduce it's carbon content making it malleable and forged it flat by hammering.

Primitive Technology: Cane Water Filter/Siphon

Adults Construction
I made a water filter from cane that siphons clean water from a dirty water while simultaneously using the xylem present in the the cane as a filter.

How This Chalk Artist Creates Illusions on Pavement | Obsessed | WIRED

Adults Construction
"Everything we think is real is, in some way, an illusion." Former NASA illustrator Kurt Wenner makes incredible, brain-busting chalk illusions. His works start with diligent planning, beginning with pencil and paper.

I tested the US Military’s secret space weapon

Adults Construction
An engineer came up with a plan to drop tungsten telephone poles from space - the idea has been seriously considered on multiple occasions, so we tested it.

5 Day Build with Fish Pond

Adults Construction
About Primitive Survival Tool : We Have 3 People In the wild , Mr Pen Sann : ( Actor ) Mr Sophal : ( Actor ) Mr Kimhout (Camera Man). In this video we going to show you about Build Fish Pond In front of Underground Roof Grass Hobbit House With Simple Tool as full video with very simple tools and skill!

World's Largest Horn Shatters Glass

Adults Construction
I might upgrade my car horn to this.