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10 Year Partnership with Senac Brasil

  • 10 Year Partnership with Senac Brasil
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Healthcare Curriculum for Ukrainian Speakers
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Smrt English Philanthropic Program

  • Smrt English Philanthropic Program
  • Smrt TravelMate Partnership
  • Smrt Anderson College Partnership
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What's New in Assignments & Assessments

  • New Way to Share Assignments
  • Status Indicator (In Progress/Complete)
  • Selective Student Sharing
  • Include Additional Students
  • In Case You Missed It: New Smrt App
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New Smrt App for Students and Teachers

The Smrt mobile app provides a robust platform for English language learning, streamlining lesson navigation, interactive assignments, and comprehensive assessments for both teachers and students. It incorporates features for managing students, course navigation, easy assignment sharing, and controlling assessments, thereby promoting an efficient, engaging, and interactive educational experience.

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