Animal Best Friends: Sad Boy & Lola

Kids Animals Relationships
Meet Sad Boy and Lola. Two adorable cats who have an instant love connection.

What To Know About Quadruplets

Youth Facts Family Human
What exactly are quadruplets? Let's find out.

Your Immune System is More Dangerous than You Think

Adults Biology Education Science
There is this idea floating around that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That surviving a disease leaves you better off. And it seems to make sense because we have all experienced this.

I've Got A Dream Sing-Along

Kids Fun Music
Sing along to "I've Got a Dream" with the cast of Tangled.

Can You Freeze Your Body And Come Back To Life?

Youth History Science Technology Future
Dig into the field of cryobiology and explore the possibility of humans being frozen and preserved for future resurrection.

The Disease You Will Never Survive

Adults Biology Genetics Human
A simple mis-folding in a certain brain protein causes a disease for which we have no cure.

Andressa writes about her experience taking Project Management at the Canadian College

Adults Smrt Ad
"Friends who had experienced Canada had spoke wonders about the beautiful cities and how people were receptive to international students. I decided to engage myself with professional studies by choosing Project Management as a program to meet my future needs and future career plans. I proved to myself that it is never too late to realize a dream!" Andressa Marquette Da Silva (Project Management)

Pancake Day Song

Kids Food History How-to
Make delicious pancakes with Ben and Evie. But don't forget to ask your mum and dad to help!

A Mindful Moment: Balloon Man

Youth How-to Self Wellness
A short and simple mini mindfulness session.

What if you experienced every human life in history?

Adults History Human Life
Examine the ethical stance known as longtermism, which is the idea that we should be doing more to protect future generations.

Storytime: Giji And Ojiji

Kids Books Family Listening
Gigi can’t wait for her Ojiji—Japanese grandpa—to move in. Gigi plans lots of things to do with him.

Why Don't Oil And Water Mix?

Youth Experiments How-to Science
Join recipe tester Adelina as she uncovers the scientific secret to making water and oil mix.

Why Is Our Moon Two-Faced?

Adults Life Science Space
The near side of the Moon has a thin crust and is covered in maria. The far side has a thick crust and almost no maria.

What Are Stalactites And Stalagmites?

Kids Animals Science
After visiting Sam the Bat in his family’s cave, Squeaks is learning all about the rock icicles that are growing from the ceiling and the floor in the cave!

What Is Pop Art?

Youth Art History
What is Pop Art? Watch this short introduction for kids to find out!

3 Steps To Help Kids Process Traumatic Events

Adults How-to Human Psychology
What do we say to kids when intensely traumatic events interrupt everyday life? Whether you're a teacher, parent or community builder, educator Kristen Nguyen provides three research-backed steps for navigating these difficult conversations, restoring a sense of safety and facilitating collective healing.

Alberto writes about his experience taking IT at the Canadian College

Adults Smrt Ad
"Once you complete the IT program you receive certificates from Cisco, CompTIA and Redhat which help a lot in the job market today. Canadian College gave me great support in finding employment. I could also experience a new style of learning." Alberto (Information Technology)

Yoga Animals: Balance Like A Flamingo

Kids Animals Movement Wellness
Did you know that many yoga poses were inspired by animals? Let these creatures inspire you to get moving, practice mindfulness, or calm down after a long day.

Studying Forest Biomass From Space

Youth Environment Global Warming Nature
Forestry expert Maurizio Santoro explains how the use of various data can bring a great contribution/benefit to the field of mapping biomass.

Can We Capture Greenhouse Gases?

Adults Environment Nature World
It’s one thing to say a business is carbon neutral. It’s another to be able to truly account for that carbon at all stages of the production process.

Donating 101

Kids Facts Human Media
Watch this video for tips on where to get started, ideas on how to get creative and other things to consider when donating to a cause.