Hope for Youth Project - Smrt Scholarship Program

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In 2012 Smrt and the Canadian College of English Language initiated a scholarship program for 50 students who have lost parents, homes, and livelihoods as a result of the tsunami in Japan. The scholarship was for free tuition (courtesy of CCEL) and free accommodation for up to 3 months.

The WEIRD Way Monkeys Got to America

Adults Animals Education Health
Many of the greatest biological dispersal events in history likely happened because animals inadvertently traveled across the oceans on floating debris.

Back-To-School Art Lessons - Art For Kids Hub Collection

Kids Art Education
Hey, art friends! Today, Austin, Hadley, Jack, Teryn, and I have something super special for you. This video is over an hour and a half and is a collection of some of our favorite back-to-school art lessons.

Finding the Notoriously Shy Dormouse | 24 Hours With | BBC Earth

Youth Animals Life Nature
Have you ever heard of a dormouse officer? Well, it's a job that involves the safeguarding this iconic endangered species. Join zoologist and wildlife presenter Yussef Rafik as he learns all about the local conservation efforts striving to protect its future.

What Happens If You Destroy A Black Hole?

Adults Environment Life Science
Black holes can destroy everything – but can they be destroyed? What happens if we push physics to the absolute limits, maybe even break it and the universe in the process?

Adding Up To 10 + More | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Kids Fun Music
Add up to ten with The Bumble Nums! This compilation features songs perfect for preschool, daycare, and homeschool! Sing along!

Could aliens exist? Here’s how likely it may be | CBC Kids News

Youth Media Science Space
On July 26, a retired American air force intelligence officer claimed that the U.S. is hiding knowledge about unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.

How to Draw Jupiter! | Kylee Draws the Planet Jupiter - Easy Drawing the Planets Videos for Kids

Kids Art Creativity Education
Today, in this easy drawing video for kids, see how to draw the planet Jupiter and how to write out the letters! Learn how to make your own Jupiter drawing with basic lines in this kid's art video from Kylee Makes It!

Steve Irwin's Turtle - Protecting this unique species

Youth Animals Life Nature
With the constant threats of habitat degradation, the time has come to ensure the protection of this important turtle species.

Sticky Lamb Chops | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
This brilliant sticky lamb chops recipe is so rich, a perfect meal to cook for the ones you love. And check out Jamie's tips on how to get that extra flavour boost, using orange peel, garlic, and thyme.

Sense-Abilities | Weird But True!

Kids Biology Education Human
Watch the full episode of Weird But True, Season 1 Episode 11, "Sense-Abilities"! Did you know that when you smell something, molecules of whatever you’re smelling are actually entering your nose?!

Diving Discovery (Ep. 1): Meet The Team

Youth Human Life Nature
Diving on the British Columbia coast in the winter isn’t just cold, it’s also dangerous. So if we’re going to get the footage we want and get everyone home safely, we need a team that knows what they’re doing.

Iryna speaks about her experience taking Smrt IELTS in Vancouver.

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Iryna took two months of Smrt IELTS preparation at the Canadian College of English Language. Many students who are in the last one or two years of their secondary school take an IELTS course to prepare for entrance into university.

The Dream of Digital Ownership, Powered by the Metaverse | TED

Adults Life Technology
Technologist Yat Siu believes the "open metaverse" -- a decentralized version of the internet also known as web3 -- is laying the foundation for a freer, fairer, more prosperous society.

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Avocado Toast

Kids Art Education Fun
Hey, art friends! Today, Teryn and I are learning how to draw a funny cartoon avocado toast together. This is a fun lesson for kids of all ages. Want to make it even cooler?

Robot Spy Dolphin & Spy Whale Encounter Baby Humpback Whale - But Trouble Lurks Beneath The Surface!

Youth Animals Life Technology
Spy Whale is joined by Spy Dolphin as they encounter a humpback whale calf in danger of drowning, as competing males pursue its mother.

Primitive Technology: Wood Ash Insulated Furnace

Adults Construction Creativity Nature
I made a furnace insulated with wood ash to smelt iron in. Furnace insulation stops heat being lost from the walls of a furnace and so increases the heat within the furnace.

Months of the Year | Simple Song for Kids

Kids Education History Life
A fun song and video to learn the months of the year!

Which is better for you: "Real" meat or "fake" meat?

Youth Food Health Human
Explore the differences between farmed meat, plant-based meat, and lab-grown meat, and find out which is best for you and the planet.

Relaxing Birdsong for Sleep and Meditation | Relax With Nature | BBC Earth

Adults Animals Life Nature
Relax and soothe the mind with the sounds of toucans, tanagers, hummingbirds and other spectacular bird species as they take flight in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Hey Duggee | The Yoga Badge | CBeebies

Kids Fun Health Human
It's one of those days. The Squirrels have arrived and they're all a little bit hyped up with bundles of energy. Things are starting to get a bit frantic and Duggee needs to calm them all down. Fortunately, he has his yoga badge.