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Smrt English Philanthropic Program


Smrt English is active in offering free programs, scholarships and donations to a select list of institutions, students and NGO programs throughout the world. We have had programs in Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Palestine, and Japan and we are looking at expanding this venture in the future. In an effort to understand the ROI on our investment and the effectiveness of our outreach we are doing a survey to try to see how best we can help. In the past we have helped people after disasters, in war, in remote areas, in special needs groups, in ghettos, and in institutions and in areas that do not have the resources or money for English study programs.

Please forward this message you know who has benefitted from a Smrt Scholarship no matter the size or the type of donation. We hope to hear back from as many people as possible. Our goal is to have a better understanding of the effectiveness so we can modify the program to reach even more needy people and change their lives with high quality curriculum and language learning.

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Smrt Anderson College Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that Anderson College and Smrt English have partnered to enhance the English language program at Anderson College. As two esteemed members of Languages Canada, both share a commitment to providing high-quality language education to students from around the world.

With this partnership, Anderson College will be able to utilize Smrt English's innovative tools and brand new mobile app to enrich the English language learning experience for its students. The Smrt mobile app provides interactive lessons and exercises, as well as a variety of resources and tools to help students practice their language skills.

Anderson College Website

Smrt TravelMate Partnership

We are excited to announce that Smrt English has partnered with, a leading study abroad agent in Brazil. Through this partnership, TravelMate is now offering English language classes to prepare students for their travel abroad exchanges.

TravelMate Website