How To Draw: Funny Dragon Fruit

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Follow along with me and learn how to draw a funny dragon fruit cartoon! This is a fun lesson to change the face and really make it unique.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Kids Books Fun Reading
This video is based on a book, ideal for teaching colours and animals to young learners.

Bluey Books: Mom School

Kids Books Reading
Bluey Book Read, Mum School read by actor Eva Mendes.

Zepp And The Neighbour's Pool

Kids Animals Funny Humor Pets
Every morning, Zepp gets caught climbing the fence and sneaking into his neighbor's pool!

Let's Take Turns

Kids Fun Math Music
Learn about taking turns with Noodle & Pals!

The Invitation

Kids Books Reading World
Can young readers solve the mystery of why Orange didn't get an invitation?

How To Draw: Summer Dragon

Kids Art Creativity How-to
We've drawn dragons before, but this time, we're adding a funny summer twist.

The Parts Of Plant Song

Kids Music Science
Learn about all of the parts of a plant in this fun science video for kids.

Little Craig And The Yellow Bike

Kids Books Reading Wellness
A little book about rising above the things that can affect us.

Think Like An Engineer: Let's Design A Solution

Kids Creativity Experiments How-to Technology
Squeaks, Jessi, and the gang are designing a raft for their friend Juniper. They'll think like engineers and learn how to create a design that solves their problem.

Go, Go, Stop!

Kids Fun Movement Music
Today we're going to play a music and movement game/song!

Orange Porange

Kids Books Language Reading
A fun book to help preschoolers recognize words that rhyme with colors.

How To Draw: Baby Axolotl

Kids Art Creativity How-to
We've drawn an axolotl before, but this time, we're making it extra cute by drawing a baby version.

We're Going On A Shark Hunt

Kids Animals Fun Music
Let's go on a musical adventure and see if we can find any sharks.

Plant A Kiss

Kids Books Reading
Plant a Kiss is an incredible story of unselfish giving. Filled with hope and optimism, the epic journey reminds us all of the power behind sharing joy with others.

Think Like An Engineer: Juniper's Problem

Kids Creativity Experiments How-to Technology
Our friend Juniper needs a boat, and ours is missing! Jessi proposes we think like engineers and gather information to find a way to solve our problem.

Sunny Day

Kids Fun Music
Learn about the weather in this catchy song.

Barky Boats

Kids Books Reading TV
Join Olympic diver, Tom Daley for his Bluey Book Read of Barky Boats.

Percy The Bearded Dragon

Kids Animals Humor
Percy the bearded dragon has just made the greatest scientific discovery in lizard history!

The Gummy Bear Song

Kids Fun Music
This fun and energetic dance song for kids will have everyone bouncing and singing along.

Colour Blocked!

Kids Art Books Reading
Little ones will have a blast with this interactive story as they learn primary colors in a whole new way!