Virtual Halloween Games For All Ages

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Here are 10 FUN Virtual Halloween Games for all to play on your Halloween Virtual Party! These easy online games or activities are perfect for all kinds of virtual calls.

Ksenia speaks about her experience studying Hospitality at the Canadian College

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Ksenia studied Hospitality Management at the Canadian College in 2011. She is now living in Vancouver and working at a local hotel chain as a banquet server.

Among Us Science - When Does Lying Go Too Far? ft. TheAmaazing

Gaming Psychology Science
Gaslighting in Among Us? Probably okay. Gaslighting in a real relationship. Not so much!

Can we build a "perfect" forest? - Jean-François Bastin

Human Nature Science
How can trees help in the fight against climate change? Dig into the efforts to rebuild damaged ecosystems and reduce carbon emissions.

Which type of milk is best for you?

Biology Education Food
Dive into the most popular milks— dairy, almond, soy and oat— to find out which is healthiest for you and for the planet.

Do You Expand With The Universe?

Education Science Space
As the universe expands, is said to "stretch" photons. But if it stretches photons, does it also stretch molecules, galaxies and you? A portion of this video was sponsored by Salesforce.

Liliane's Experience Working and Studying in Canada

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Liliane speaks about her experience at Canadian College of English Language and her plan to study the International Trade Diploma at the Canadian College.

Smrt English for Young Learners

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smrt English and Little Mountain Learning Academy have developed a curriculum for young learners. This material is appropriate for all age groups including students in Kindergarden, Elementary School and High School. The material uses themes and topics that are specifically designed to keep younger students interested and motivated to learn the English Language.

Could we harness the power of a black hole?

Education Science Space
Imagine a distant future when humans reach beyond Earth, forge cities on planets thousands of light-years away, and maintain a galactic web of trade and transport. What would it take to make that leap?

Why Gravity is NOT a Force

Education Science Space
The General Theory of Relativity tells us gravity is not a force, gravitational fields don't exist.

Surf in English - Canadian College of English Language

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Study English at the Canadian College of English Language in Vancouver, Canada. For more information contact our team.

Andressa writes about her experience taking Project Management at the Canadian College

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"Friends who had experienced Canada had spoke wonders about the beautiful cities and how people were receptive to international students. I decided to engage myself with professional studies by choosing Project Management as a program to meet my future needs and future career plans. I proved to myself that it is never too late to realize a dream!" Andressa Marquette Da Silva (Project Management)

Why Hardwoods Are The Softest Woods

Construction Education Nature
Not all hardwood trees have hard wood and softwoods soft wood, because these terms denote their taxonomic ancestry, not the wood's actual hardness.

Can you solve the riddle and escape Hades? - Dan Finkel

Gaming History Writing
The underworld is overcrowded, and Zeus has ordered Hades to let some spirits out. Hades arranges all the souls of the dead in a line before Cerberus. When one of his three heads bites down on the soul in front of it, they’ll get returned to the land of the living. Anyone to the left must stay in Hades forever. Can you pick the right spot and escape the underworld? Dan Finkel shows how.

Alberto writes about his experience taking IT at the Canadian College

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"Once you complete the IT program you receive certificates from Cisco, CompTIA and Redhat which help a lot in the job market today. Canadian College gave me great support in finding employment. I could also experience a new style of learning." Alberto (Information Technology)

Maidan Square Uprising Students - Smrt Scholarship Program

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15 students who participated in the Maidan Square uprising received scholarships to attend an 8 week English course at the Canadian College of English Language summer 2014.

Sausage and Mash Pie | Keep Cooking Family Favourites | Jamie Oliver

Family Film Food
If you like sausage and mash then this may well be your new family favourite! Sausage and mash pie, what a dish!

What Does Winning & Losing Really Do To You? ft. WolfeyVGC

Culture Human Psychology
You win! You Lose...

How to Fight Fire or Flooding on a Nuclear Submarine - Smarter Every Day 244

Construction Creativity Science
The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience.

What causes panic attacks, and how can you prevent them? - Cindy J. Aaronson

Health Human Psychology
Dig into the science of what triggers panic attacks, how to recognize them, and the available treatments for panic disorder.

Ryan's experience studying English in Vancouver, Canada

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Ryan speaks about his experience in Vancouver and how the Smrt program at the Canadian College of English Language helped him to improve his English.