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The Driest Places On Earth

Kids Nature Weather World
In this SciShow Kids episode, Jessi and Squeaks learn about amazing places where it almost never rains.

King Penguin & Mobility Aids

Youth Animals Science Technology
Researchers are looking at how the birds adapt to walking on different slippery surfaces to help them with their robotics work.

Why is this number everywhere?

Adults Education Math Science
he number 37 is on your mind more than you think.

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One of the world’s oldest condiments - Dan Kwartler

Adults Food History Human
Trace the history of ketchup, from the condiment’s origins in 3rd century China to becoming a staple of American cuisine.

ABC Nursery Rhyme

Kids Education Fun Music
Review the alphabet with Noodle and Pals.

Mindfulness: Twist & Turn

Youth Health How-to Wellness
Test your meditation skills - see if you can twist and turn like this!

What’s Eating The Titanic?

Adults History Human Science
When a ship sinks, lots of factors, like the ship’s materials, the water quality, and the depth of the seafloor all play a role in determining how long the ship will last down there - as a result, the Titanic will be gone in fifty years, while Byzantine wrecks in the Black sea remain.

DIY Rainbow Light

Kids Art Creativity How-to
This tutorial unveils how to craft a captivating rainbow light using only a roll of tape and your mobile phone's flashlight.

White Stripes...Or Black Stripes?

Youth Animals Facts
Join zebra zookeepers Amanda and Sharnie as they share their favourite facts and fun moments with these two cheeky boys.

The Real Killer Of The Dinosaurs

Adults Education History Science
A ruthless murder was committed! Someone killed the dinosaurs and we have the murderer! Witnesses say that an Everest-sized asteroid hit Earth, devastated the planet and caused a mass extinction. A simple, fascinating and convincing explanation. Or… is it?

Surf in English - Canadian College of English Language

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Study English at the Canadian College of English Language in Vancouver, Canada. For more information contact our team.

Lioness sisters fend off an intruding lion to protect their cubs | QUEENS

Adults Animals Life Nature
Shani and her sisters must fend off the intruding male lion before he kills her cubs.

How To Draw: Cartoon Ravioli

Kids Art Creativity How-to
Join me as we cook up some fun and draw a funny cartoon ravioli.

How The Oscar Winners Are Chosen

Youth Film Media TV
Did you know that behind the scenes, only two people know the real winners before they are announced?

Bread Megamix | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
Looking for some bread-based inspiration? Making your own bread at home is so satisfying, so we've pulled these recipes from the archive to help you on your baking journey.

The Billion-Dollar Problem in Education

Adults Education Human Life
Standardized testing is deeply woven into the fabric of US education, but does it foster genuine learning?

Pass The Beanbag

Kids Education Movement Music
Get ready to have a blast with this fun circle activity for kids.

Intro To The Power Of Words

Youth Education Writing
How can words have power?

How the Most Expensive Swords in the World Are Made

Adults Construction Education History
This is a video about how Japanese samurai swords, aka katanas, are made – from the gathering of the iron sand, to the smelting of the steel, to the forging of the blade.