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Google Earth For The Classroom

Teacher Cafe Education World
Google Earth is a web based 3D virtual globe that presents the world’s geographic information ranging from natural sciences to social sciences, history, art, and engineering in a geospatial context.

Lilly writes about her dream to live in Vancouver

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"After my training in International Trade I got a better job and could exercise all the content learned in College. I recommend the program for those who want to learn not only theory but to practice in their chosen profession. I realized one of my dreams which is living and working in Vancouver!" Lilly (International Trade)

Google For Education

Teacher Cafe Education Technology
Anthony Speranza, St. Mark's Primary School Melbourne, Australia speaks about the shifting role of the teacher within the new complex and digital world.

Upside Down One Pan Pizza

Family Film Food
This pizza recipe will turn your world upside down AND you only need one pan! Share with your pizza lovers

These Plants Eat Salamanders | National Geographic

Animals Environment Nature
Pitcher plants like these are known to feast on insects like flies. However, at a bog in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario Canada, scientists have found many pitcher plants with a more ambitious diet.

45 second Omelette | Jamie Oliver

Family Film Food
This is so quick so simple you have to give it a try.

What If You Were Sent Back To The Ice Ages?

Environment Health Nature
What would happen if you traveled to the ice ages? Would you be able to survive the earth in it's dangerous icy state?

Everything About Grain Bins (Farmers are Geniuses) - Smarter Every Day

Food Industry Technology
Farmers are actual real life geniuses. They can feed themselves and fix anything. Serious respect.

What If We Burned All Trash on Earth?

Health Life World
With Starbucks banning plastic straws and zero waste on trend, is the solution to plastic pollution and climate change burning all the trash?

This Country Has Something Everyone Else Wants

Food Human Industry
Thanks to the University of Minnesota for sponsoring this video! Morocco has 3/4 of the world’s known reserves of rock phosphate, our main source of phosphorus, so Morocco may be key to our long-term ability to grow food.

Your body vs. implants - Kaitlyn Sadtler

Biology Health Science
Why do medical implants like insulin pumps and prosthetic knees need replacement? Explore how the immune system fights implants and how new devices are trying to help.

Can You Swim in Shade Balls?

Education Industry Science
I bought 10,000 shade balls and tried to swim in them. They appear to act like a non-Newtonian fluid: rigid under high shear stress, but they flow like a liquid under low shear.

How to Sail on Sunlight | Because Space

History Nature Science
Sails have been helping us travel across water for centuries, but could this same idea help us travel across space?

Wagner writes about how the he worked and studied in Vancouver

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"The hospitality program of the Canadian College opened the door for my future in the industry. The Diploma program enabled me not only to study but also work in relevant field. College classes complemented my previous study acquired in Brazil. I could always enlist the help of all faculty and staff of the College." Wagner (Hospitality Management)

What Happens To Your Memories After You Die?

Biology Life Science
When we're no longer on this earth, what happens to all the memories in our heads? Do people remember their passing if they're brought back to life?

Fireflies Put on a Spectacular Mating Dance | Short Film Showcase

Animals Film World
Every year, hundreds of thousands of fireflies begin their mating dance in the pine forests of Mexico. Filmmaker Blake Congdon captured this incredible phenomenon as never before seen.

Loaded Summer Cauliflower Salad • Tasty

Family Film Food
This incredible cauliflower dish will upstage any old pasta salad. Make this for your next summer get-together.

Men in Black’s Noisy Cricket is CRAZY

Film Media Science
Defending the planet isn't easy, but with the help of some advanced alien technology, the Men in Black have managed to keep the Earth safe from a variety of intergalactic threats.

Txt in English - Canadian College of English Language

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Study English at the Canadian College of English Language in Vancouver, Canada. For more information contact our team.

What If The Internet Was A Country?

Life Technology World
The internet is an incredible (and scary) place! What happens if it becomes a digital country?