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What's New on Smrt

Bulk Reopening by Popular Demand

In response to widespread requests, teachers now have the capability to reopen multiple assignments or assessments simultaneously using the new "Reopen All" feature.

Assignment Indicators: At-a-Glance Completion

Now, teachers and students can easily track assignment distribution and completion status directly on the class course page:


  • Not Shared"Not Shared" - Pending distribution
  • All Shared Indicator "All Shared" - Fully distributed


  • Incomplete "Incomplete" - Work pending
  • Complete "Complete" - Assignment finished

AI is about to completely change how you use computers - By Bill Gates

"For decades, I’ve been excited about all the ways that software would make teachers’ jobs easier and help students learn. It won’t replace teachers, but it will supplement their work personalizing the work for students and liberating teachers from paperwork and other tasks so they can spend more time on the most important parts of the job. These changes are finally starting to happen in a dramatic way." Bill Gates

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