Dad talking to daughter

A: What did you do at the park today?

B: We played soccer.

Past Simple Questions

  • You played soccer.
  • You ate dinner.
  • The game started at 7 PM.
  • Wendy retired in 2013.
  • The coffee shop closed at 8 PM.
  • They saw a movie.
  • Did you play soccer?
  • Did you eat dinner?
  • Did the game start at 7 PM?
  • Did Wendy retire in 2013?
  • Did the coffee shop close at 8 PM?
  • Did they see a movie?

Yes / No Questions

  • Did you do yoga?
  • Did you try the gym?
  • Did she make dinner?
  • Did he watch TV?
  • Did we win the game?
  • Did they ask the teacher?

Short Answers

  • Yes, I did.
  • Yes, you did.
  • Yes, she did.
  • Yes, he did.
  • Yes, we did.
  • Yes, they did.
  • No, I did not / didn't.
  • No, you did not / didn't.
  • No, she did not / didn't.
  • No, he did not / didn't.
  • No, we did not didn't.
  • No, they did not / didn't.

Wh Questions

  • Where did you buy the water?
  • When did you arrive at the party?
  • What did she ask you?
  • Why did they lose the game?
  • How did you come to school?
  • What sport did you play yesterday?


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