Objectives & Sequence: This lesson is intended to be used as a review of Grammar - Will.

Intro Student One Student Two Student Three Student Four

Students work with a group of three to four and take turns asking and open the corresponding tabs above. Students should take turns asking and answering the discussion questions. It is important students monitor each other's answers ensuring proper grammar (be going to, present continuous, will) is being used.

  • Will it be hot or cold tomorrow?
  • Are you travelling soon?
  • When are you going to have a quiz for this class?
  • What are you doing tonight?
  • Are you going to get up early or late tomorrow morning?
  • When will it rain next?
  • What time are you going to leave school today?
  • Are you going to make dinner or go to a restaurant tonight?
  • Are you planning to see a movie? If so, which movie?
  • When are you going shopping next?
  • What time will the sun rise tomorrow?
  • What time will this class end today?