Objectives & Sequence: This lesson is intended to be used as a review of Grammar - Want & Would Like.

In English, we can put two words together using a contraction. Contractions are very common in speaking. They are not as common in writing. In 110, we study the following contractions:

  • I am I'm
  • You are You're
  • He is He's
  • She is She's
  • It is It's
  • We are We're
  • They are They're
  • I will I'll
  • You will You'll
  • He will He'll
  • She will She'll
  • It will It'll
  • We will We'll
  • They will They'll
  • I would like I'd like
  • You would like You'd like
  • He would like He'd like
  • She would like She'd like
  • It would like It'd like
  • We would like We'd like
  • They would like They'd like
  • Are not Aren't
  • Is not Isn't
  • Were not Weren't
  • Was not Wasn't
  • How is How's
  • What is What's
  • When is When's
  • Where is Where's
  • Who is Who's
  • Cannot Can't
  • Could not Couldn't
  • Must not Mustn't
  • Should not Shouldn't
  • Will not Won't
  • Do not Don't
  • Does not Doesn't
  • Did not Didn't
  • Here is Here's
  • There is There's
  • That is That's


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