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New Smrt App for Students and Teachers


New Smrt App

Introducing the new Smrt mobile app, aimed at enhancing English Language learning for teachers and students while working in sync with the Smrt website application. With practical features such as easy lesson navigation, interactive assignments, and comprehensive assessments, the app supports an engaging and efficient educational environment. Discover a user-friendly, all-in-one platform for language education with the Smrt App.

Students & Today

Teachers can easily add students and manage class invites with just a few taps.

For students, the Today page offers a convenient view of all pending assignments and quizzes shared by their teachers, ensuring they stay on track with their coursework.


With lessons organized by unit, it's easy to navigate through the course content. Review lessons and access course material on-the-go, making learning more accessible and engaging.


The Assignments section of the Smrt App allows teachers to share exercises with their students effortlessly. Set due dates, provide instructions, and manage results all within the app. Students can complete, and review their assignments, fostering a more interactive learning experience.


The Assessments feature in the Smrt App offers teachers control over quizzes and exams. Easily assign assessments, view class results, and modify quiz settings. Students can take assessments directly within the app, view their scores, and review correct answers (if shared by the teacher), making it a comprehensive tool for evaluating progress and reinforcing learning.